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Article Date: 16th October 2017

SPC Offers a Range of CPD Courses

CPD Courses - Radiant Conditioning - Air Curtains - Trench Heating

SPC - CPD Presentation

SPC offers a range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses and presentations. Committed to training and broadening the knowledge of engineers through these courses, we have been registered as a CPD provider since 1997 and have also been accredited by CIBSE and RIBA.

We currently offer the following CPD approved presentations:


  • Heat pipes
  • Radiant conditioning


  • Radiant conditioning
  • Radiant conditioning sails
  • Radiant panels
  • Air curtains and trench heating

Air Curtains and Trench Heating CPD – RIBA

Our air curtains and trench heating provides the perfect solution for conserving energy and draughts.

Duration: 1 hour

A brief summary about air curtains:

  • Introduction
  • The requirements for open doors
  • The reason for the high cost implications of open doors
  • Summary of air curtain benefits
  • Energy saving potential
  • Understanding of air curtain dynamics and effectiveness
  • Pressure loads
  • Air curtain limitations
  • Relationship of air velocity and volume
  • Selecting units for specific applications
  • Vertically and horizontally mounted units
  • Positioning and control of air curtains
  • Examples of installations
  • Summary
  • Questions and discussion.

A brief summary about trench heating:

  • Introduction
  • Basic types of trench heaters
  • Advantages
  • Heat loads
  • Heat output calculation
  • Improving outputs
  • Using trench coils for cooling
  • Applications
  • Layouts
  • Finishes
  • Site assembly
  • Installation
  • Advanced
  • Product options
  • Examples of installations
  • Questions and discussion.

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