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Article Date: 11th October 2017

Systemair Introduces Geniox - The Next Generation of Air Handling Units

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Systemair - Geniox air handling unit

The leading ventilation company Systemair has launched Geniox. The motivation behind the new units is an ambition to improve energy efficiency in ventilation systems.

In general, ventilation accounts for around only 40% of a building’s energy consumption, meaning there is a significant potential for improvement. Development in construction means the new buildings are better insulated and tighter in order to save on heating, this increases the need for ventilation which has to perform at a higher level to achieve the optimal indoor climate.

Ventilation is one of the focus points in the Ecodesign directive form the European Commission. Ecodesign is implemented in three steps. The first was taken January 1, 2016, the next are planned for 2018 and 2020. "Energy efficiency is highly important to us and sits at the top of our priority list. We also welcome any initiatives to reduce energy consumption. Geniox already meets the requirements set out by Ecodesign for 2018, but we are continuously looking for ways to improve", explains Neil Rapley, Managing Director.

On site assembly
The Geniox air handling units can be assembled on site by installers. The unit is delivered in modules to make transportation to and on the site easier. Installers can then assemble the Geniox unit by simply fitting the modules together. "This is a solution our customers have sought after. We have also taken steps to reduce delivery and improve handling and service", says Neil Rapley.

"The most noticeable difference from our previous designs is the casing. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, we have developed a thermally insulated panel construction with very high tightness values which eliminates thermal bridging." The casing complies with the best deflection class D1 and air tightness class L2, which is an improvement from Systemair’s previous units.

One company, one brand
Systemair has previously offered a number of different brands within air handling units, however, the new range spreads across the entire company. "This will allow us to deliver exceptional service to our customers regardless of location" says Neil Rapley. The Geniox range can be applied across different industries, from housing across hospitals, data centre, and industrial facilities to ships and offshore rigs.

Systemair have further developed their design programme, SystemairCAD, to handle the configuration of the Geniox air handling units. The programme is free to download and allows customers to configure their own air handling units or choose one of the pre-configured options. "SystemairCAD is directly connected to our production facility. This means that once we have the order confirmed, we can send the unit’s data on to our production team where it will be made to order", Neil Rapley. For more information on SystemairCAD please use the email option below.

The Geniox range is certified by Eurovent and has 60mm double skinned panels as standard.

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