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Article Date: 18th October 2017

Uniflair CPD Sessions

CPD Sessions - Data Centre Cooling - CRACs and Splits

Uniflair - CPD Seminar

We have a variety of technical CPD sessions which we would be pleased to present to your team. The sessions are primarily focussed for mechanical design engineers within building services consultancies and are usually presented in a 1 hour lunchtime slot at your offices, which will include a complementary buffet lunch. We can of course be flexible with timings to best meet your individual requirements.

The presentations are designed to be technically informative and generate debate and discussion, and whilst the subject matter will be closely related to the technologies, products and solutions provided by Uniflair, we are extremely conscious to make the content relevant to a broad spectrum of manufactures and not just specific to Uniflair or be a sales pitch.


A lunchtime seminar examining the different data centre cooling solutions available and an energy comparison between them, including:

  • The different types of cooling solutions available and how they work
  • An energy analysis of each in different climatic conditions
  • Design drivers for cooling systems
  • PUE
  • Historical trends and lessons
  • Considerations & expectations for the future

Cooling solutions analysed:

  • Direct Expansion (CRACs and in-row)
  • Standard Chilled Water
  • Free-cooling Chilled Water
  • Free-cooling Chilled Water with Dynamic Setpoint Adjustment
  • Free-cooling Chilled Water with Turbocor
  • Adiabatic Free-cooling Chilled Water
  • Direct Fresh Air Free-Cooling
  • Adiabatic Air-to-Air Indirect Free-cooling

Seminar will include a CPD certificate and complementary buffet lunch.


A lunchtime seminar on cooling for small IT & equipment rooms, including:

  • The fundamental differences between CRACs and Splits
  • Sensible and Latent cooling requirements
  • Climatic setpoint requirements
  • Technical considerations
  • Practical considerations
  • Maintenance considerations
  • Energy analysis & paybacks
  • Opex and Capex considerations
  • System Resilience
  • Space considerations

Seminar will include a CPD certificate and complementary buffet lunch.

To arrange or for further information please use the email option below.

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