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Article Date: 31st October 2019

Grundfos CBS Related Approved CPD Courses

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This is a list of all the CBS related approved CPD courses that Grundfos CBS Sales Managers can deliver on-site to professional engineers, specifiers and consultants in their own offices.

Reliable wastewater removal in commercial buildings

Precis: The role of a Building Services Engineer is constantly evolving and today CIBSE members are expected to know about an increasingly wide range of applications. This includes needing to understand and be able to specify wastewater pumps.

By signing up to this CPD you will learn about the impact and implications of effective wastewater management in commercial buildings and the various elements that should be considered, while gaining advice as to the relative benefits of specific solutions.

Intelligent design and control

Precis: Is your client demanding more? Could your pump system design benefit from improved reliability; better system performance; increased simplicity or best in class energy efficiency?

If you have answered yes to any of these points, make sure you don’t miss this presentation from the world’s largest and arguably most innovative pump manufacturer Grundfos Pumps who will demonstrate, with real life case stories, how taking a more integrated approach to pump design can deliver benefits all the way through the value chain.

Packaged Booster Systems

Precis: As the demand for pressure boosting systems has continued, so has the engineered sophistication of the pump solutions being supplied to meet the varied requirements for these units. Applications demanding these systems include water supply, irrigation systems, water treatment systems, industrial applications and of course building services.

A staple within the building services world, packaged pump sets are increasingly needed to ensure that there is enough water available to meet the demands. This CPD presentation will look at why and when to specify these sets and what aspects need to be considered. The benefits of variable speed booster pumps sets including looking at the system and efficiency benefits, the control of the pumps and the monitoring and management of the system will all be considered. We will also look at pumping and storing water under pressure in tall buildings including highlighting some of the risks involved and identifying some design solutions.

Need to get pumped up about District Energy?

Precis: District Energy has become a topic of real interest within the industry. Pumps play a key role in how efficiently individual components in a district energy system work, as well as exerting a major influence on the overall system performance.

In this CPD accredited presentation, Grundfos Pumps discuss a variety of factors you should consider and how you can help to futureproof any design. You will gain knowledge that can help to influence the overall delivery, performance and reliability of these systems. Additionally, you will find out how controls and variable speed pumps can help ensure overall system intelligence, flexibility and the lowest life cycle costs.

Building in Fire Protection

Precis: The whole topic of fire protection has become an important focus that is of real interest to both within and outside the industry. Pump solutions play a very important role in protecting both our high-rise buildings as well as the safety of the people within them.

In this CPD accredited presentation, Grundfos Pumps discuss the range of factors and considerations that need to be reviewed when looking to protect residential high-rise applications. You will also gain an insight to the various power demands and the methods you can use to help minimise electrical supplies and learn about the various British Standards, when these should be used, plus many other key learning points.

Efficient pumping in heating and cooling applications

Precis: Structured to help people who work in building services to design and select efficient heating and/or cooling systems, this CPD accredited webinar will explain the key factors that need to be considered when looking at pumps.

Attendees will find out that selecting the right pumps is a key element, as is the system control but there are also many additional elements that will affect the overall outcome. If you want to find out more about how, through choosing the right system design, you can minimise energy consumption, increase comfort levels and, where desired, begin to future-proof any building against potential changes in use, this is a must for you.

High-rise pumping matters

Precis: The incessant increase in the number of high-rise buildings in the UK, is creating a series of additional challenges for building services professionals.

This CPD webinar, looks at some of the more complex demands that high-rise developments place on M&E solutions.  It puts the areas of HVAC, boosting, fire prevention, off-site build and digital connectivity under the spotlight and looks at how these elements, individually and more importantly collectively, have a significant impact on any high-rise outcome.

Off-site build - a solid base for future developments

Precis: OSB is not a new concept but recent advances in materials, manufacturing and product management processes and organisation, have meant there are now even more opportunities to reap the benefits offered by these adaptable ‘plug ‘n pump’ solutions.

This method of delivering a solution can be known by a variety of different terms. Regardless of what it is called, the explanation relating to this type of solution remains unchanged - it is a structure that is designed, engineered and manufactured in a safe, controlled location that is not the site in which it will be used. By harnessing intelligent design, this type of modular build approach can answer a range of demands from within the Fire, HVAC, water boosting, HIU, district energy sectors as well as data centre applications. If you need to gain a greater insight into off-site systems and find out more about how these versatile solutions can support increasingly complex designs and deliver them to you on plate, than this is the CPD for you.

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