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Article Date: 16th September 2016

Construction Specialties - 5 Reasons Permanent Entrance Matting Beats a Throw-Down Mat

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In busy public buildings, it seems as though every day you walk across a cheap looking, throw-down mat, with a hastily erected "CAUTION – Wet Floor" sign at the end of it. As advocates for beautiful buildings and great visitor experiences, this really makes us cringe.

In our minds, these warning signs (see what we did there?) point to a critical failure in the design of the building’s entrance. Someone has either forgotten to install an entrance mat (worth noting that entrance matting is actually required by British Standards), hasn’t provided enough entrance matting, or has simply chosen a cheap product that can’t absorb dirt and moisture fast enough. Like a throw-down mat.

Entrance matting – and its selection – is a critical part of designing an entrance and whilst cheap throw-down matting does work to some extent, it can never come close to an effective, permanent entrance matting solution. So here are 5 reasons why permanent entrance matting is better than throw-down matting.

1. Improved Safety

Whilst throw-down mats generally have a grippy surface on the back to (try to) anchor the product in place slightly, they are still prone to bunching or curling up, causing a potential trip hazard. Permanent entrance matting is much more stable, and is usually either installed in a recessed matwell, or surface fixed to the floor, meaning they won’t move as traffic moves across them, reducing the likelihood of tripping accidents.

2. Reduced Tracked-in Dirt & Debris

Permanent entrance matting generally offers a better scraping and drying performance, because the carpet inserts are usually made of a deeper, more abrasive pile. This helps to reduce building maintenance costs, and reduce the likelihood of a slip or trip accident beyond the entrance.

3. Reduced Cleaning & Maintenance

As mentioned previously, permanent entrance matting generally removes more dirt and moisture from the soles of feet and wheelchairs, gathering dirt beneath the surface of the carpet, or in the matwell to be easily removed later, saving time and money.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality

Throw-down mats generally collect dirt and particulates on the surface of the mat, which – when the mat is saturated – can be dispersed into the air as pedestrians walk across it, or if someone picks it up to move it. Permanent entrance matting traps and collects dirt particles underneath the mat, preventing dispersal into the air.

5. Enhanced first impression

Throw-down matting never looks as good as a permanent entrance mat, suffering from curled corners, bunching and movement away from the desired drying area. Permanent entrance matting provides a fixed, stable and aesthetically pleasing solution to tracked-in dirt and moisture. Permanent entrance matting can generally be customised to suit the aesthetics of the building, school, or store it’s being placed in. Many different colours, styles, materials and finishes are available to suit your design needs.

Construction Specialties have been manufacturing permanent entrance matting solutions for more than 30 years, offering innovative, cost effective products to suit any building, budget or design requirement.

Our range of entrance matting systems are designed to remove dirt and moisture at the entrance, helping you; reduce slip incidents on internal floors, extend the lifecycle of interior floor finishes and minimise internal cleaning costs.

For more information on our entrance matting solutions please use the email option below:

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