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Article Date: 21st September 2016

Dimplex - Put an End to Cold Workspaces with the Dimplex Pro Series Twin Turbo Fan Heater

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Dimplex - Twin Turbo Fan Heater

Dimplex announces the DXTT3 Pro Series Twin Turbo Ceramic Workshop Fan Heater, with a unique design that frees up workspace whilst delivering safe, comfortable heat for chilly workshops and garages.

With its eye-catching twin fan design and robust steel case, the DXTT3 Twin Turbo is a compact portable electric fan heater that can be used free-standing or wall-mounted to save floor space in a packed workshop. The heater provides a powerful 3kW of heat which can be directed where you want it most with an adjustable 30° ‘tilt’ mechanism. The built-in room thermostat ensures the heater is energy efficient, providing a cost-effective and comfortable working temperature.

Christian Hadley, product marketing manager, Dimplex said, "Whether a professional or hobbyist, there is nothing worse than having to spend long working hours in a cold workshop or garage. The DXTT3 Twin Turbo Fan Heater is designed to be tough enough to address the everyday heating needs of a workspace whilst meeting our stringent demands for safe use."

Operating in workshop environments is no problem as the Twin Turbo Fan Heater comes with a built-in filter combined with dual Positive Temperature Co-efficient (PTC) elements. This enables heat output to automatically reduce if the filter becomes blocked – reducing overheating and high-temperature cut-out. The integral tip switch ensures further safety, cutting power should the heater be accidentally knocked over.

"We understand that no two workshops operate in the same way and so the DXTT offers a versatile type of heating,” said Hadley. “The unique design of the Twin Turbo Fan Heater not only gives you a choice when positioning your heating, its safety features ensure hot or cold air remains running no matter how dusty a workshop may get."

Compact and lightweight, the DXTT3 has dimensions of L: 470mm, W: 290mm, H: 280mm.

The DXTT3 Pro Series Twin Turbo Ceramic Workshop Fan Heater is available now from £105 RRP. For more details please use the email option below:

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