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Article Date: 20th September 2016

DMS Metering Solutions Introduce themislog, the Smart GSM Communication Enabled Gas Meter from Elster

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DMS - THEMISlog Gas Meter

The themislog combines Elster’s world renowned range of commercial and industrial diaphragm gas meters with a new smart electronic index, with integrated data logging functionality, which goes well beyond simple remote reading. Enabled with a GSM/GPRS communication output, as well as data logging and pulse output capability, the index can suit the needs of all applications.

The GSM/GPRS communication module for the themislog, transmits direct reading information, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the data transferred, and also allows data acceptance authorisation to users. A secure, remotely controlled software update and the modular principle guarantee that the technology is future-proof and also that it can be adjusted to meet new challenges retrospectively at low cost if necessary.

The indexes are supplied ready-configured, thus vastly reducing installation work.

  • Local communication: Optical bi-directional & Low frequency pulse output
  • Wide area network: GSM/GPRS & External antenna (optional)
  • Diaphragm gas meters from BK-G10 - G100
  • Permitted gases: natural gas, propane, butane (gases acc. EN 437)
  • 8 Year Battery Life
  • IP65 Rated

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