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Article Date: 12th September 2016

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - BREEAM Update - Changes to the BRE Green Guide Ratings Table

BRE Green Guide - Pipe Insulation - Environmental Profiles Methodology

Kingspan - Kooltherm Pipe Insulation

The BRE has published a new Environmental Profile Methodology for Pipe Insulation products that has been created to provide a more accurate assessment of the environmental impact of pipe insulation products.

The new methodology introduces a significant change to environmental profiles and Green Guide rating claims for pipe insulation, and supersedes all previous certification. No claims can be made regarding the performance of pipe insulation without assessment or reference to the new guidance. Green Guide ratings are now assessed according to the building service pipework the insulation is applied to, listed by the type of building the service is installed in.

Kingspan Kooltherm® FM Pipe Insulation has achieved A and A+ BRE Green Guide 2008 Summary Ratings. The ratings were awarded by BRE Global, which used its new Environmental Profiles Methodology for Pipe Insulation Products to assess the environmental impacts of the products across their entire life cycles from cradle to grave.

The BRE has not published Green Guide Ratings for mineral fibre pipe insulation products, as the mineral fibre industry declined permission for its data to be used for the creation of mineral fibre pipe insulation Green Guide ratings.

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