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Article Date: 21st September 2016

Levolux Impresses at Data Centre

Data Centre - Solar Shading - External Blinds - Natural Ventilation

Levolux - Hemel Hempstead Data Centre

A new data centre in Hemel Hempstead is taking shape, with a striking and highly effective solar shading and screening solution, courtesy of Levolux.

The new facility utilises cutting-edge green building technology, helping it to maximise energy efficiency.

Levolux was approached to develop a custom solar shading and screening solution for the two-storey data centre. Working closely with project architects, Levolux proposed a range of products to satisfy different performance requirements.

On the building’s south-facing elevation, Levolux incorporated motorised Aerofoil Fins, arranged horizontally to combat the risk of excessive solar heat gain. In total, Levolux provided 358 individual Aerofoil Fins, divided into 18 bays. The combined array of fins extends 54 metres in length and 9.5 metres in height.

Levolux - Hemel Hempstead Data CentreEach Aerofoil Fin measures 400mm wide by 50mm thick, formed from a single piece aluminium extrusion, with a clear span of 3 metres. An intelligent control system gradually rotates all fins during the day, tracking the movement of the sun as it passes overhead. This maintains the fins at the optimum sun cut-off angle.
As a result, the fins work efficiently to limit the exposure of glazed openings to direct sunlight, thereby preventing excessive solar heat gain, particularly during the summer.

The building’s main entrance and offices are located behind the south-facing elevation. In addition to the motorised Aerofoil Fins, Levolux also installed a series of motorised Roller Blinds. The Blinds feature wireless controllers and a white fabric with an openness factor of 3% to control glare and daylight levels. In total, Levolux installed 43 motorised roller blinds, each measuring 1500mm wide by 3.2 metres long.

In contrast, Levolux fitted rectangular-shaped fins to the building’s west-facing elevation. Like the Aerofoil Fins, the rectangular fins also measure 400mm wide by 50mm thick. In total, Levolux provided 782 fins, each formed from a single piece aluminium extrusion, arranged horizontally. The rectangular fins are incorporated into site assembled panels, which combine to form a continuous screen extending 113 metres in length by 15.3 metres in height.

Levolux - Hemel Hempstead Data CentreThe rectangular fins create a shading structure, to protect sensitive IT equipment, while allowing the desired level of natural ventilation. The fins also form an attractive external screen, obscuring the view of unsightly plant and equipment.

Levolux also fitted rectangular fins to the north-facing elevation, but here the fins are significantly smaller in profile, being 200mm wide by 50mm thick. These fins are smaller as they do not provide solar shading, but they do create an attractive screen while aiding natural ventilation.

To create an interesting contrast, the motorised Aerofoil Fins have been given a bright orange matt powder coated finish. The rectangular-shaped fins and other aluminium components are finished in a semi-gloss dark grey powder coating.

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