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Article Date: 14th September 2016

Panasonic - Prepare to be Blown Away by Panasonic’s New Mini VRF System

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Panasonic - VRF Unit

Panasonic has unveiled its new, large capacity Mini VRF horizontal discharge system, available from July 2016. This powerful system offers a compact installation footprint, phenomenal performance and complete flexibility for system design.

"Panasonic’s new Mini VRF system is a perfect synergy between size, efficiency, capacity and piping, making it the ideal solution for light commercial applications," explains Marc Overson, UK & Ireland Country Manager. "This new line of Mini VRF systems comes with several end-user benefits including quiet mode and full ECOi control. It’s slim, compact profile with front panel maintenance access offers a solution that is perfect for sites with access and plant space issues."

This high capacity Mini VRF system has been specifically designed for installation in restricted sites such as small shops, offices, large residential properties and housing developments. The system is also well suited to larger commercial applications including hotels or large office buildings where outdoor units should not interfere with exterior building aesthetics.

Panasonic’s new Mini VRF system is available in 8 or 10 HP and is optimised to provide energy efficient performance. It utilises the horizontal discharge and combines this with a powerful heating capacity at ambient temperatures. As a result, flexibility is altered enabling the system to operate at 100% capacity at 40°C ambient in cooling mode. The system also boasts a market-leading COP rating and high heat exchange performance due to its wide heat exchanger which maximises energy efficient operation.

With a maximum rated static pressure of 35Pa, the Mini VRF fan performance is of such standard that it can operate in applications with high fan resistance.

Panasonic’s Mini VRF unit can offer piping runs of up to 150 metres which enables a greater flexibility with system design. The unit can also connect to up to 15 indoor units, from a wide range of models. As a result, finding a space to install an outdoor VRF system which is both convenient and discreet has never been easier.

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