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Article Date: 16th September 2016

Piller Protects Contact Lenses Production

UPS Systems -UNIBLOCK DRUPS System - Piller UPS Unit

Piller UPS Unit

Essilor, the world leader for corrective lenses with presence in more than 100 countries has, since 2004, relied on Piller UPS competence in power conditioning and outage protection for the company's contact lenses manufacturing plant situated close to Lisbon, Portugal.

The Piller system ensures a reliable and stable power supply by utilising a containerised UNIBLOCK DRUPS system variation to the plant room solution.

Tomás Arlegui, Managing Director Piller Ibérica said: "Compared to other space-hungry systems the Piller UBTD unit has minimal real estate requirements. Preventative maintenance has led to low service intervention undertaken on-site, making expensive and time-consuming transport to the Piller factory superfluous."

Ms. Maria João Ribeiro, Manager of Infrastructure Maintenance Essilor Lisbon stated: "Due to the high degree of reliability paired with excellent maintenance and support, the Piller UPS Unit ensured over all these years protection against common and criticable problems at a high efficiency."

As a totally integrated system, its configuration optimises efficiency, maintainability and flexibility while using the benefits of flywheel energy storage to guarantee seamless operation between the generator and the UPS unit. A standard diesel generator provides the UNIBLOCK™ either upstream or downstream and is involved in the control of the UPS system to a powerful and flexible solution for long-term lock-up.

Kinetic energy from the POWERBRIDGE™ storage devise supports the unit to provide runtime during outages and helps stabilize the output voltage against any load steps and because it is electrically linked with the UPS output, it is able to increase or decrease speed and thus absorb or deliver power as required.

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