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Article Date: 21st September 2016

Samsung Provides Pioneering Air Conditioning Solution to Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee - Air Conditioning Unit - Heating and Cooling

Samsung - Starbucks

Samsung Electronics and Starbucks have recently collaborated to provide a new Starbucks franchise in Emsworth, Hampshire with a Samsung 360 Cassette air conditioning unit. Air conditioning and reseller installer, DCI Refrigeration & Electrical Limited were tasked to deliver Starbucks with an efficient and quiet system, aesthetically pleasing whilst not compromising on the décor of the branch.

Samsung’s 360 Cassette air conditioning unit provided the solution, with the system delivering outstanding cooling features whilst not compromising on design, resulting in DCI Refrigeration & Electrical Limited installing this unit for the first time.

Samsung’s 360 Cassette system is a new standard in heating and cooling and has the added benefit that it can be built around stylish, contemporary circular cassettes rather than the usual square air conditioning units. As the design of the branch incorporates a spherical theme with circular lights and a prominent compass image on one of the walls, the Samsung air conditioning unit was perfectly suited to the overall décor.

Samsung - 360 Cassette in SituThe Samsung 360 Cassette is bladeless which eliminates the areas of cold drafts associated with traditional air conditioning units, creating a natural-feeling, even air flow. The unit has the ability to change the direction of the air flow and how much air can be supplied to different sections of a room. This functionality was key for Starbucks as more air is needed in the counter area where the majority of the staff work.

Following the success of the installation of the Samsung 360 Cassette in May, Starbucks has also implemented the model in its Ringwood branch, with the potential for the unit to be installed in more branches throughout the UK. The chain also benefitted from additional technical support from Samsung during the installation.

"We are delighted that the Samsung 360 Cassette was chosen to create a cool air conditioning solution for Starbucks" said Charles H. Park, Vice President of A/C Product Sales and Marketing, Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics. "It has been a large success within the industry with its revolutionary design and we are looking forward to working with more businesses on future installations."

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