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Article Date: 20th September 2017

Icopal CPD Seminars

CPD Seminars - Structural Waterproofing - Roofing Membranes - Roof Tiles

Icopal CPD Seminars

The Icopal Academy is pleased to offer a number of technical seminars on leading products and applications within the Building Industry. Presented by experienced specification consultants, our seminars provide an insight into the world of structural waterproofing, acoustics, airtight design, roofing membranes and more.

We are happy to arrange seminars at convenient times, including lunchtimes and early evenings, with free refreshments provided. Everyone who attends the seminar will also receive CPD certification.

Seminar 1 - Air tightness systems
Legislative and environmental drivers of airtight systems. How to achieve air tightness and the importance of a system approach.

Seminar 2 - Development of single ply membranes
Benefits of single ply roofing as an alternative flamefree, lightweight, environmentally friendly system to traditional multilayered bituminous schemes and the relevant legislation involved.

Seminar 3 - Pitched roofing design & detailing
Pitched roof underlay systems available, their benefits, features and the design considerations associated with each in terms of correct specification and installation. Covers relevant building regulations and standards and environmental issues.

Seminar 4 - The use of flexible membranes & acoustic systems in construction
How technological advances in construction membranes have expanded their application range and how, correct specification and installation can address a wide range of common acoustic problems.

Seminar 5 - Roof tiles with a heart of steel
Features and benefits of lightweight steel roof tile systems and their application in relation to flat to pitch, over roofing and new build projects along with their ability to meet the “secure by design” requirements.

Seminar 6 - Structural waterproofing – dpc design & detailing
This seminar discusses the regulations covering the specification and installation of dpcs, and provides guidance on the installation techniques relevant to a variety of building types. Highlights common problems and failures offering practical solutions for problem areas.

Seminar 7 - Development of bituminous waterproofing membranes including firesmart & flame free application
Development of bituminous flat roof membranes, how recent innovations in materials and techniques are changing traditional thinking and how advances in technology are influencing application methods used in flat roof construction.

Seminar 8 - Innovative & sustainable roofing solutions
The seminar highlights innovations within the flat roofing sector which create a positive impact on the environment. It outlines a waterproofing membrane that actively reduces air pollution levels; green roof solutions; rooflights; a support console for rigid PV panels, and how these systems provide active benefits for the environment.

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