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Article Date: 6th September 2018

Purus - Puragum Tanking Kit for Showers & Wetrooms Offers Solution for the BSI’s Updated Regulations

Puragum Tanking Kit - Wetroom Drainage - British Standards Institute

Purus - Puragum Tanking Kit

There have recently been new regulations announced by the British Standards Institute (BSI) with regards to the tiling and tanking of wetrooms. The BS 5385-1 (Wall and Floor Tiling in normal conditions) codes of practice have now been updated to state that all wet areas must be tanked/waterproofed before tiling, including in domestic locations. This includes all tiled wetrooms, steam rooms, bathrooms and shower areas where there is water contact with the wet area floors and/or walls. The regulations previously stated that commercial wet areas must be tanked/waterproofed, but have now been updated to include domestic wet areas as well.

Purus, the Swedish manufacturer of wetroom drainage, whole-heartedly agree with the British Standards Institute that tanking any wetroom or wet area is extremely important. This is why Purus supply their own Puragum Tanking Kit (product code: PTK001) alongside all of their wetroom floor gullies designed for tiled floor finishes, including their Mini Series floor gullies and the Purusline Living linear wetroom solution. The Puragum Tanking Kit has been fully tested for use with Purus’ Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays and Centre Linear Former Trays, as well as with concrete floors when a tray is not being used, and should always be used in any domestic, commercial or other wetroom area.

The Puragum Tanking Kit covers 8m² and comes with all component parts required for tanking a wetroom. The Puragum itself is a paint-on membrane, and is used in conjunction with tapes and MS Polymer for the joints of the room, and pipe covers to seal any pipe inlets in the area. A full technical data sheet is available, and installation instructions are provided with each Puragum Tanking Kit. It is essential to always follow the full installation instructions when installing a wetroom.

For further information on Purus’ Puragum Tanking Kit or the new regulations from the British Standard Institute (BSI), please feel free to contact Purus’ dedicated Technical Team by using the email option below:

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