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Article Date: 2nd September 2019

CPD Accredited Seminars

CPD Accredited Seminars - CPD Seminars - Continuing Professional Development

BDM CPD Seminars

As summer is ending have you arranged your CPD requirements for the last 3 months of the year to meet your CPD obligations? We offer an easily accessible range of CPD seminars, Training Courses and Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminars on the CPD Seminars library on BuildingDesign. The extensive range of CPDs listed offer the latest industry information to keep you up to date and gain knowledge and technical skills in your profession.

Continuing Professional Development increases your ability to reach career goals and manage industry change by updating and improving your skills and knowledge, as well as meeting the CPD requirements of professional institutions and gain credits.

The range is extensive and constantly updated across all industries. If you are interested in attending or would like further information, please go to the CPD Seminars library and use the request facility or use the email option below:

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