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Article Date: 24th April 2020

Harlequin Floors - Sophie Jung’s ‘They Might Stay the Night’ exhibition on Harlequin Hi-Shine

Harlequin-floors, hi-shine

Sophie Jung is an award-winning artist with an unconventional approach to sculptures and exhibits. Her latest exhibition features a vast silver Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl floor.

The London and Basel based artist uses everyday objects in her art, yet her creations are anything but mundane. In sometimes humorous, sometimes angry and sometimes absurd ways, she invites the viewer into her chaotic and incomplete world to ponder rather than draw any conclusions.

Jung’s exhibition ‘They Might Stay the Night’ is not intended to convey an original or specific idea. Instead, through the use of text, sculpture and performance, Jung seeks to create a space for “a de-categorising of concepts and a deconceptualisation of categories”. In other words, her art doesn’t need to be defined, it covers many themes and raises questions about every aspect of our world, without forcing her viewpoints upon us.

‘They Might Stay the Night’ can be seen at the Casino Luxembourg Contemporary Art Forum and has been extended until October 25th 2020. The exhibition rooms have been fitted with approx. 350m² of Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl floor in metallic silver, creating a stunning mirror effect.

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