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Article Date: 19th April 2021

Honeywell Gent - Vigilon is the Cure for Newcastle Hospitals

Honeywell Gent Vigilon is the cure

Newcastle upon Tyne is carrying out a £300 million transformation of its city hospitals and has called in specialists, Cormeton Electronics Ltd, to carry out ‘emergency’ fire alarm ‘operations’.

The Newcastle Hospitals programme is the biggest health project ever seen in the North East and one of the largest in the country. The two key hospitals involving Cormeton are the new Victoria Wing and Great North Childrens Hospital at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), a new super hospital in the heart of the city, and specialist Renal unit at The Freeman Hospital, Cormeton’s cure for both sites has been Gent by Honeywell’s Vigilon fire alarm system supported by the latest S-Quad multi-functional sensing technology.

Steve Milbourne, systems design engineer for Cormeton, a Gent by Honeywell Elite System Integrator (ESI), said: “Both sites have complex demands but the RVI is particularly challenging due to its scale. The new development comprises a six-storey atrium, new main entrance, car parks, ambulance access and even a helipad for emergency patient transfer. The main concern for hospitals is false alarm management, so having a system that can eliminate the risk is essential. In the case of a fire, it’s also vital that hospital patients, visitors and staff can be evacuated in an orderly fashion and without panic, so the combination of Vigilon with S-Quad and S-Cubed devices was the ideal solution.”

To cover the 200m x 150m RVI site, Cormeton’s design includes 23 Vigilon panels and 69 loops of fire detection as well as 850 sounders. The building has been divided into 270 zones, allowing a managed phased evacuation if necessary.

The Freeman is on a smaller scale and has 10 Vigilon panels with three loops per panel and 900 devices across 120 zones. The combination of Vigilon control panels and the S-Quad sensors means the system can quickly identify real fires, significantly cutting the risk of false alarms.

The Vigilon control panels have a simple user interface with an LCD screen providing clear and accurate information in an emergency. Every loop address has a unique customer defined label of up to 64 characters in length assigned to it, allowing fires to be located quickly in an emergency. The S-Quad was chosen due to its advanced capabilities in early detection and signalling of fires and for its unique dual angle optical chamber, which recognises the distinction between fire-like phenomena and actual fire.

The S-Quad alarm devices, incorporate sound speech and strobe effects all in one. Due to its low power consumption, it means more sounders can be installed per loop and the strobe element is fully monitored for circuit failures. Steve added: “The Newcastle Hospital programme is ongoing but to date the client is delighted with the fire system. Its flexibility and reliability have been a real hit, giving the client peace of mind.”

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