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Article Date: 20th April 2021

Piller Unity Service Pack – A New Concept in UPS Support for Next Generation Data Centres

PILLER unity service pack

Piller Unity Service Pack is a brand-new services concept to provide up to 5 years of continuous data centre UPS operation with full insight into machine behaviour and performance – without the need to take the UPS offline.

The Unity Service Pack is an additional benefit of deploying Piller’s latest electrically coupled UB-V UPS Series for secure data centre power at scale. It uses a combination of advanced UB-V UPS product features such as new electronics, self-diagnostics and monitoring with secure communications and cloud data storage – alongside local back office Piller engineering expertise.

Piller Unity Service Pack means data centre operators can avoid the risks of switching machines off for servicing while maintaining full visibility of UPS performance and behaviour. Avoiding shutdowns for maintenance dramatically improves the uptime of the UPS system over its lifetime. This can only be successfully accomplished using a UPS that exhibits much higher unit reliability than the market norm. Such a UPS is the electrically coupled UB-V series. The Unity Service Pack includes an annual online visual inspection.

For operational integrity, Pillerlink™, a Piller developed internal communication system, connects different UPS components. Data on the UPS settings and configurations of internal boards and electronic components and the operating environment of machines such as room temperature, air particulates and humidity are captured over time and stored in an internal database.

The Unity Service Pack incorporates Piller e-VENTLOG™. This allows the UPS to be connected to Piller sending email packs from the UPS via customer email servers. This removes any point-to-point connection with no ports open for external connection to the UPS – which is critical from an IT security perspective.

e-VENTLOG™ data can be checked by Piller factory trained engineers at customer defined intervals for regular performance reporting and predictive analytics. Alternatively, data can be downloaded onto a secure USB and returned to Piller for interrogation by Piller’s back-office engineering experts from which reports are produced and delivered back to the customer.

The Piller Unity Service Pack has been structured to protect both capital investment and ongoing Opex.

Piller UB-V UPS technology advances have enabled a completely new approach to UPS service delivery making Unity Service Pack a market leading offering. Designed directly in response to customer needs, changing market trends and requirements for the future proofing of data centre operations, the Unity Service Pack is Piller’s commitment to provide data centre operators with the assurance of years of continuous UPS uptime.

Data centres must continue to operate even where COVID pandemic restrictions on travel and movement impact operatives and service personnel. Extended uptime and less servicing mean fewer people on-site less of the time so directly aiding continuous operation.

Andrew Vellender, Head of Service International Subsidiaries, Piller Group, says: “Unity Service Pack was conceived to improve uptime by directly tackling the downtime normally associated with UPS maintenance. Customers can rely on services which in the right environments can result in just 4 hours UPS downtime every five years compared with the annual offline planned downtime requirement for UPS systems of today. New UPS electronics, secure maintenance procedures and Piller’s in-house expertise have been brought together to create a service environment that customers can trust for years to come over the lifetime of the UB-V UPS.”

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