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Article Date: 19th April 2021

Socomec - Become Part of the Solution: The Importance of Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries

Socomec recycling lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have transformed the way that we use and store energy, from the supercomputers in our pockets to recent developments in electric vehicles. These packages of energy have changed the way that we live and work beyond recognition and our reliance on them continues to grow.

We know, however, that lithium-ion batteries are not immune to the ravages of time and that their limitations become more apparent as they reach the end of their useful life.

What happens when lithium-ion batteries cease to be useful?

At the end of their life, indispensable electrical products can become inconvenient waste containing components with the potential to negatively impact the environment – while at the same time offering real potential for the recycling of their constituent materials.

Coline Fromont, Sustainable Development Project Manager, provides insight into how Socomec has committed to reducing the environmental burden whilst extracting value from redundant materials.

“As an original equipment manufacturer – and as part of our voluntary adherence to the United Nations Global Compact and our own Corporate Social Responsibility policy – Socomec is committed to minimising its impact on the environment, preserving natural resources and promoting the circular economy. We provide for the organisation and financing of the end-of-life of our products. This includes the recycling of lithium-ion batteries that are part of our energy storage and UPS product offering. To limit our impact on the environment and ensure responsible end-of-life management of the equipment that we supply, we have developed a policy for recycling lithium-ion batteries that identifies the procedure to be followed when replacing or disposing of batteries.”

How does collection and recycling work within Europe?

Within European borders, Socomec undertakes to identify relevant collection and recycling channels in the key countries where Socomec is subject to these regulations. Furthermore, Socomec works closely with local eco-organisations which handle the recycling. The process is adhered to through Socomec sales subsidiaries or local partners, and customers are informed of the practical procedures for using these recycling facilities and associated services either via contractual notices, via local Socomec branches or local distributors.

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