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Article Date: 14th August 2019

Uniflair - Fast Track CRACs

Air Conditioning Units - Precision Air Conditioning - CRAC Unit

Uniflair CRAC unit

A range of Uniflair Close Control Air Conditioning units are now available on express delivery with lead times of less than one month. Components are being stocked at the factory to facilitate expatiated deliveries on a variety of air-cooled DX, inverter compressor DX and chilled water units up to 50kW in both downflow and upflow configurations.

A rapid lead time on built-to-order Precision Air Conditioning Equipment can be critical in quick turnaround fit out projects where the cooling for critical IT, electrical and equipment rooms can often be the longest lead time items and can be the difference between on-time project completion or not. The new Uniflair fast track process is specifically designed to alleviate this bottle neck in the programme without compromising the equipment; the CRAC unit specifications and quality are identical to the rest of the Uniflair range. The only difference is that customers should advise with their enquiry that they require fast track units so the quotes team can ensure they select appropriate models.

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