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Article Date: 14th August 2020

Aquilar - Useful New Gas Selector Filter for Refrigerant Leak Detection Products

Aquilar, Refrigerant Leak Detection

We now have a new easy way to select AquiTron refrigerant gas leak detection products using our new ‘Gas Selector’ filter tool.

If you are unsure what refrigerant gas product you need, this filtering tool will be able to help.

The filters will select the refrigerant gas sensor for either commercial or residential applications depending on the type of gas you select.

AT-G-ALERT Gas Sensor

The new AT-G-ALERT provides monitoring for refrigerant from cooling and heating systems. These are mostly the VRF/VRV (Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume) systems that are found in large public and private buildings such as hotel bedrooms, schools, hospitals, offices and residential apartments.

On detection of a refrigerant leak, the AT-G-ALERT warns occupants of the affected area with an audible alarm and visual light. In addition the sensor alerts the building management and automation system. Dedicated relays on the unit can be used to activate valves or extractor fans in the building, or even alert the emergency services.

The AT-G-ALERT can provide live information on the concentration of a refrigerant leak and system status via Modbus Communications. The ability to distinguish between high or low concentration leaks can be programmed into the relay actions allowing different valves or systems to be activated accordingly to deal with the different levels of concentration. Multiple sensors can also be networked together using the AquiNet Fieldbus System to give central monitoring, necessary for compliance with BS EN378.

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