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Article Date: 24th August 2020

Carlo Gavazzi - Simple to Use 5A Current
Input Energy Meter

Carlo Gavazzi, Evergy Meter

The latest version of the EM111 energy meter has a 5A CT input and Modbus RS485 communications. The compact 1 DIN housing features a backlit LCD screen and integrated touch key pad, and can be used to measure energy values (kWh and kvarh) as well as current, voltage etc.

This simple to use meter is perfect for taking duplicate readings of the main incoming supply, when the main utility meter is not easily accessible. It can also be used in sub metering applications to provide an overview of where energy is being used in buildings and factories, as part of an energy management system.

Other popular applications include battery storage systems and EV charge points.

CPA Family - Contactless power analyzers

CPA is a family of power analyzers and current transducers for ac 1-phase or dc installation monitoring, thanks to Hall effect sensing. Current is measured with no contact with the copper wire. The comprehensive set of measured variables allow this device to be used to monitor photovoltaic installations, industrial processes, battery charging systems.


CPA power analyzers are the ideal solution for those applications which are beyond standard ac monitoring. Given their capability of working both at different frequency ranges, they match the needs of dc applications (battery charging, photovoltaic monitoring), of ac applications with high crest factor (UPS, variable frequency drives) and standard 1-phase ac installations.

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