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Article Date: 11th August 2020

Construction Specialties - The Donkey Sanctuary, Devon

CS, Donlkey Sanctuary

CS supplied their full range of performance coating solutions to meet the varying performance requirements of the different areas of the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. All coatings were applied by CS’ Premier Applicator.

The Donkey Sanctuary is an international charity based in Devon, concerned with the health and welfare of donkeys and other equine animals. They have seven farms around Devon housing around 1500 donkeys, mules, horses and ponies. This results in a huge veterinary requirement that was served by an aging veterinary hospital at Slade House Farm, the centre of the Sanctuary operations.

Special Requirements

The veterinary hospital has specialist requirements, the main one being infection control. The walls have to be able to withstand power washing on a daily basis, and doors tend to get knocked as trolleys are moved around the facility. A donkey’s sneeze can spread germs over a huge area, all of which has to be easily sanitised.

The new hospital also needed to include sterile changing areas, drug preparation rooms and an operating theatre. Like any other hospital, cleanliness is paramount.


The architects specified Construction Specialties’ Wallglaze Performance Coating Systems for the veterinary hospital because of their durability and anti-microbial properties.

A selection of systems from the CS Wallglaze range was supplied for the different areas of the hospital and Visitor Centre, based on the area usage, likelihood of damage and cleaning regimes.

CS Wallsheen™, a water based “super emulsion”, was chosen for the restaurant and servery of the visitor centre, as well as the office areas of the Veterinary Hospital, due to its durability and resistance to mild cleaning agents.

If cleaned and maintained correctly, CS Wallsheen™ can be expected to last between 6 to 8 years before needing a recoat, significantly longer than standard emulsion systems.

CS Wallflex, a solvent free polyurethane coating offering high chemical and scrub resistance, was used in the testing rooms and above the cushion boards in the operating theatres. In corridors between clinical areas the system was enhanced with fibreglass reinforcement to ensure increased resistance to impact damage from equipment and trolleys, and suitability for cleaning with power hoses if required.

The system is expected to last 10 to 15 years, and any re-coats or touch-up repairs can be performed without the need for closing the areas off, as it has very low odour and VOC levels.

Finally, CS Armourglaze™, the toughest coating in CS’ performance coatings range, was used extensively across the veterinary hospital and its holding pens, with heavy fibreglass reinforcement on walls that might be subject to donkey kicks, and light fibreglass reinforcement on ceilings. The system creates an exceptionally durable, tile-like and impermeable surface finish which will withstand regular cleaning with even aggressive chemicals throughout its long design life of 10 to 15 years.

In addition, the doors and door frames throughout the veterinary hospital were clad in impact resistant CS Acrovyn® Sheet, greatly extending the life of the doors in heavy traffic areas where they may be bumped by heavy trolleys.

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