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Article Date: 6th December 2018

Trend Control Systems - Drilling Down

BEMS Systems - Building Energy Management System - Fan Coils

Trend suite of reporting services

Trend’s new suite of reporting services help building owners and managers get the best return on investment from their BEMS, while protecting against unforeseen downtime and cyber security risks.

In order to provide end users with a greater insight into the status of assets within a building, these reports are designed to help analyse and understand the data gathered by a BEMS, by presenting information in a simple format that clearly identifies areas that require investigation or improvement.

Four reports are available:

  • Risk Assessment
    Helps building owners and managers identify and classify the potential risk across their BEMS due to the age of the assets. This report enables the development of a clear and concise risk management plan for budgeting purposes.

  • Controls Security Review
    This report helps building owners and managers identify security risks across their BEMS assets and provides recommended actions. This will ensure that a secure system can be sustained in environments where multiple contractors or projects are involved on the site.

  • Valve Check Report
    Fan coil units that are operating inefficiently can seriously affect energy usage and plant operation. The Valve Check Report enables the quick analysis of large numbers of fan coil units, helping to reduce maintenance time required on site.

  • Control Performance Report
    Comprehensive review of the entire BEMS, highlighting any issues with performance that are not in-line with the building’s operational targets. The report can be used to provide supporting evidence to assist in the budgeting process and help to ensure maximum benefit from any upgrade programme.
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