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Article Date: 17th December 2019

Brugg Pipesystems - Lowest Lambda Value now Standard for CALPEX

Brugg Pipesystems Lowest Lambda Value Image

Almost two years ago, Brugg Pipesystems achieved a breakthrough in thermal insulation. For the first time, the limit value of 0.021 W/m*K has been cracked. The trigger for this innovation was the development of PUR-KING insulating material, which has thermal insulation properties previously considered unattainable. Currently the thermal insulation value is between 0.0194 and 0.0199 W/m*K (measured at 50°C).

In April 2018, the leading manufacturer of insulated pipes launched a first series of CALPEX PUR-KING pipes with diameters of 76 to 142 millimetres, which have since become successfully established on the market. The pipe manufacturer has now succeeded in further optimising processes and formulations and adapting them to the requirements for larger pipe diameters.

From January 2020 onwards, all ranges of the CALPEX UNO and CALPEX DUO series for heating applications will be available with PUR-KING and the world's best insulation value.

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