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Article Date: 7th December 2020

Güntner Refrigeration App: Expertise at a Click

Guntner refrigeration app

Güntner’s know-how in the field of refrigeration technology and the tools it has developed have proven invaluable over the years. To make its knowledge and tools accessible to customers on the move, Güntner has developed a refrigeration app offering practical functions in clear categories.

In addition to company news updated on an ongoing basis, customers benefit from unique functions such as material recommendations for specific applications or the popular Refrigerant Slide. The Güntner refrigeration app is available to download free of charge in the Apple, Android and Blackberry app stores.

Tutorial function

This feature will show you several functions of our products in a concise and clearly arranged manner so that you can learn how to operate our units as quickly and easily as possible. The available subject areas are continuously being updated. The first available tutorials are about the installation and programming of the Güntner controllers GMM EC, GMM step, GMM sincon, GMM cut and GMM f-drive. An instruction allows you to easily carry out the individual functions, be it the initial start-up, the activation of the tear-off function or the setup of the Low Capacity Motor Management (LCMM). Figures of the respective display views and brief and clear instructions will guide you step by step through the application. The tutorials can be operated intuitively – just like the other functions of the App: You simply “Swipe” from one item to the next.

Unique material recommendations

After carrying out numerous tests and laboratory analyses, Güntner has published recommendations regarding material combinations for components depending on the planned application. This unique information overview that has been in great demand for many years has also been integrated into the app. As a result, customers can check the environmental conditions for a suitable device design at any time.

Refrigerant slide

The app’s “Slide” function shows the correlation between pressure and temperature for more than a dozen of the most commonly used refrigerants. These include refrigerants that are relevant today such as 245fa. Users enter a specific temperature as required and the Refrigerant Slide shows the corresponding overpressure in bar. Naturally, the specific ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) values are also given.

Converter for simple conversions

Thanks to the “Converter” function, anyone can convert exactly the units they need. A total of 18 refrigeration variables such as pressure, temperature, volume, mass flow, etc. can be converted into all common international units and then displayed. As a result, users can always find a common basis for measurements – regardless of where in the world a construction site happens to be.

Complete collection of service documents

The "Service Documents" function ensures that the documents for all Güntner business divisions and devices are always available. Documents are first sorted regionally. This is done automatically depending on the basic mobile phone or location settings. Users can then select the required documents which are ordered according to languages and devices. From brochures to operating instructions, information is only a click away. This is particularly useful for service technicians etc. who may want to take a quick look at a device's operating instructions when on the move.

Contact information immediately available

The “Contacts” function provides an overview of all Güntner field service contact persons. All contact details are active. This means that users can plan their route from their current location based on the address, call/e-mail a contact directly, share the information with others or add the details to their own list of contacts. The contact information also includes details for the Service and Spare Parts departments. As a result, it is always possible to find the right contact person.

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