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Smoke Development With & Without Mechanical Smoke Control

Belimo Smoke

Belimo safety actuators for fire protection and smoke control dampers help save lives and protect property in case of fires.

People in industrialised countries spend a good 90% of their time in buildings. And where people live and work, protecting life is the priority. An important factor here is safety in case of fire. Reaction time is crucial in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke at an early stage and to keep escape and rescue routes smoke-free for as long as possible: the faster the reaction in the event of a fire, the lower the damage to human lives, property and the environment.

Fire protection in buildings is based on three main pillars: structural, technical and organisational fire protection. Technical fire protection is more important than ever, especially in modern buildings with unusual designs, mixed use or increasing building complexity and size. Belimo addressed this topic very early on, especially regarding technical fire protection. As far back as 1978 - three years after its foundation - Belimo sold actuators that could be mounted on fire dampers. In the meantime, Belimo has become the world market leader in the motorisation of fire and smoke control dampers with well-founded expertise and experience.

Advantage from motorisation

Compared to mechanical fire dampers, which close only at high temperatures, motorised dampers have a major advantage: in case of fire, they can be closed early - triggered, by example by a smoke detector signal. This reliably and promptly prevents the spread of fire and smoke in the building. In addition, the motorisation enables regular functional checks of the fire dampers, which further increases safety in the building.

Belimo offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of fire and smoke control dampers a comprehensive range of actuators specifically developed for their applications. We use the latest technologies and the highest standards when it comes to development, material procurement, production and final testing. Together with the dampers, the actuators must comply with international and national safety standards, which include life cycle and fire tests among others.

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