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Announcing: nVent Raychem Elexant

Announcing: nVent RAYCHEM Elexant

nVent Raychem Elexant. A new family of heat-tracing controllers.

Optimised efficiency and cost control. Streamlined data integration. Insights over alarms. Ease of use. That’s what my new family of heat-tracing controllers is made for.

Providing data-driven insights for your system
I give you an overview of your entire heat trace system, widening the scope of control beyond individual alerts to make it easier to identify the root cause of problems when they occur.

I improve the safety and efficiency of your process with comprehensive system insights. Designed to collect and integrate data, I offer complete visibility and alarm management from a central point of control.

Global approvals
I’m fully compliant with all major international standards, resulting in a versatile, reliable controller solution that works for any business, anywhere.

Intuitive design and easy installation
I come ready to install, lowering overall field commissioning time. I am equipped with an intuitive interface for ease of use and with simple programming, without the need for additional equipment.

I am one control system with one streamlined installation and design interface.

Reduced energy consumption and inspections
I measure a complete set of parameters including temperature, current and voltage to ensure the integrity of your system and help reduce energy consumption. My self-test functionality periodically checks for faults, eliminating the need for costly manual maintenance checks.

Reports ready when you are
Ready for Industry 4.0, I help bring the Internet of things to industrial, residential and commercial heat-tracing, meaning your data is ready whenever you need it.

With multiple communication options, I seamlessly integrate into process control networks or distributed control systems (DCS) making it quick and easy to monitor data points both locally and centrally - all in easy to use, intuitive interfaces.

So, whether you’re upgrading or installing new equipment, the Elexant family can help you improve safety, reduce costs and deliver connectivity.

I am the heartbeat of your heat-tracing system.

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