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Featured Video - nVent Pyrotenax - 6th August 2019

nVent Pyrotenax System 1850

PYROTENAX System 1850

Robert Silva, nVent Marketing Manager, discusses the PYROTENAX 1850 Mineral Insulated (MI) wiring cable in this video. The totally inorganic construction of unjacketed System 1850 MI cable allows for an environmentally clean electrical cable that does not burn, produce smoke, or contribute fuel when exposed to fire conditions.

It is a 2-hour fire-rated wiring cable for critical and essential circuit protection. It consists of solid copper conductors in a continuous copper sheath, with magnesium powder insulation providing 600V class insulation. Applications include fire alarm wiring as well as wiring for other for critical life-safety circuits in high-rise buildings, subways, tunnels, airports, and health care facilities.

Unlike conventional cables, PYROTENAX System 1850 MI wiring cable requires no conduit protection. MI cable is ideal for Fire-Rated applications, such as fire alarm wiring, because only non-organic materials are used in its construction it is not subject to aging as a result of exposure to temperature or deterioration of insulation with time. Therefore, MI cable is allowed to be used under virtually any application conditions by both the NEC and CEC.

PYROTENAX System 1850 can be found in the following environments:

  • High-rise buildings – emergency feeders for fire pumps, elevators, smoke extraction and pressurization fans, fire alarm wiring, etc.
  • Hospitals and other institutions where mobility is limited, to preserve power and allow time for egress
  • Historic buildings where it can be installed unobtrusively, as well as to assure preservation of fire fighting systems
  • Tunnels and subways for smoke extraction fans, where its zero smoke properties make it unique
  • Airports, stadiums, hotels, banks, etc.

Additional information on PYROTENAX System 1850:

  • Cable terminations are typically field installed
  • Factory terminated cable sets are available in a range of sizes and lengths

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