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A 'World of Difference' & 70-80% Savings with Hospital Heating Pumps

Grundfos World of Difference

The situation

Sligo University Hospital had an inefficient boiler plant and heating system. "Very inefficient," stresses Declan McGoldrick of the hospital's HSE Estates Department. Sligo is the biggest hospital in its region of northwest Ireland, serving an area of about 280,000 people. It covers 33,000 square metres (about 355,000 square feet), employs more than 1,700 staff.

The solution

As part of an ongoing program with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to reduce the building's energy use, the hospital targeted the boiler house and circulation pumps as an upgrade project. A Grundfos Energy Check on the existing pumps resulted in a report showing the savings that could be made by replacing them with intelligent MAGNA3 and TPE3 pumps, which the hospital did.

The outcome

"We are saving in excess of 70 to 80% on electrical usage on our new pump system," says Declan McGoldrick. "And we are fine-tuning those savings further by reviewing the operating data through the Grundfos remote MI301 unit."

This Bluetooth interface connects the pumps to smartphones or tablets via the Grundfos GO app, a platform for mobile pump control. They use it to generate monthly energy and flow rate reports and made further savings recently via the remote app when Grundfos sales engineer Liam Kavanaugh noticed how the TPE3 pumps' control mode could be set differently.

In addition, the pumps' Heat Energy Monitor automatically calculates the heat output and flow rates. "And the new pumps are controlled by BACnet communications cards that work over our BMS system here at the hospital. We use the information from this system to have better control over some of our processes within the hospital and to make further savings."

Declan McGoldrick says the hospital's old system had no communications at all. "So basically, the pump was just switched on. There was no information coming back from the pump on energy use - both electrical energy use by the pump itself or by what the heat load was on the circuit. So, there is a world of difference between what we had before and what we have now," he adds.

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