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Featured Video - Refrion - 30th June 2020

Refrion Cool Generation

Refrion cool generation

Are you ready to change the World's destiny? Come on board.

We have chosen to be a future-proof company. By that we mean fulfilling our mission of cooling industrial and production systems with full respect for natural resources. That is because we believe that caring for the planet is not just a question of ethics and common sense, but a necessity. An obligation that must take the form of effective actions and measures, capable of achieving tangible results. The everyday choices that we make determine the footprint we’re going to leave behind. We have opted for progress that fully respects our host environment.

That’s why we can say that Refrion is part of the COOL GENERATION.

It is also a European market leader in the ventilated equipment sector. The group was founded in 2002 and today employs over 100 professionals in its various companies, where they produce Dry Coolers, air-cooled condensers and heat exchangers.

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