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Featured Video - Siemens - 9th March 2020

Evolution of Smart Buildings

Siemens Evolution of Buildings

Traditionally, we have thought of buildings as passive and unconnected, a place to do business and house people and assets. These buildings were an expense, inflexible and unable to adapt. They certainly did not engage with the people inside. But today's smart buildings can deliver value in brand new ways: transforming physical places into adaptive, people-centric spaces... an active member of the team contributing to an organisation's success. Siemens understands the evolution of buildings and how to implement technology to make them smart.

Enhancing building performance through the power of data.

Digitalisation is reaching into every aspect of our lives, changing the world faster than anyone could have imagined. It promises greater efficiency, lower costs, and more convenience. Building design and operation are no exception. Digitalisation supports the goal of building owners - to create the perfect place for people to work, to heal, to learn and to succeed.

Tomorrow is closer than you think.

The era of the smart building is here. With the onset of connected devices, buildings are generating more data than ever, leaving building owners and operators at a crossroads. Leaders realise they can keep up with the times and their competition by adopting digital strategies and technologies that leverage that data to increase the productivity, performance, savings, and adaptability of their buildings. Or they can risk being left behind. Failing to invest in smart building technologies comes with a cost.

It is a choice between a building that is a drag on the organisation and one that further enables its mission.

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