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Featured Video - SPC - 11th May 2020

SPC Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air & Object Sterilisation

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Sanuvox have designed and patented two different types of UV systems: UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning, which essentially uses the power of ultraviolet rays to destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants in the atmosphere.

SPC Sanuvox UV Object Purifiers

Appropriately named the “CoilClean series”, the UV Object purifiers are high-intensity UVC (germicidal 254nm) quartz lamps mounted into anodised aluminium parabolic reflectors. These systems are designed to irradiate stationary objects (usually an A/C COIL) with UVC light preventing and destroying mould and other microbial growth on the object.

SPC Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers

These are specially designed to drastically improve the air quality in the building or facility. SPC Sanuvox proprietary systems make it possible to deliver high amounts of UV energy to the air-stream while at the same time increasing the “dwell time” between the air and UV purifier. SPC Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers use proprietary dual zone (UVV 187nm and UVC 254nm) high-intensity or UVC (254nm) high-intensity quartz lamps to destroy biological and chemicals in the air.

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spc, sanuvox
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