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Featured Video - SOCOMEC - 2nd March 2021

New SIRCOVER Retrofit Installation Demo

SOCOMEC sircover retrofit demo

New SIRCOVER Retrofit Installation Demo has wider width for termination of aluminium cables, busbar and spearhead terminals for better clearance up to B5 frame.

Old changeover switches can be replaced with new adapted SIRCOVER by using retrofit kit.

SIRCOVER products are manually operated transfer switches with positive break indication.

There are 2 ranges in the series:

SIRCOVER for open transition switching (I-0-II) available in 4 poles, for applications where both sources are synchronised and there is to be no interruption to the load supply during transfer;

SIRCOVER Bypass which combines three interlocked load break switches to provide 3+6 or 4+8 poles for bypass applications.

They provide on-load transfer between two sources for any low voltage power circuit, as well as safety isolation by double breaking per pole. Other applications include source inversion (e.g. to change the direction of a motor) or grounding/earthing.

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