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Article Date: 17th February 2017

Advanced - Latest Projects during February 2017

Modular Buildings - Switchgear Enclosure - Diesel Generators - Modular Generators

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Modular Buildings

Another bespoke switchgear enclosure is despatched along with the support structure, all designed and manufactured by Advanced. The unit will be installed at a Northumberland power station providing local High Voltage site switching.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Corfu Mobile Telecoms

These two Cummins 110Kva diesel generators were supplied to a mobile telecoms operator on the Island of Corfu. The units will be installed into the existing plant room later this month.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Farm Power

Farmers country wide facing the ever increasing amount of power cuts in rural areas are choosing a diesel generator from Advanced to protect themselves, keep the lights on and the farm operational. This 66Kva silent Perkins unit was installed at a Dairy farm in North Yorkshire.

Advanced - HV Switchgear

Site Switching

Another bespoke high voltage switchgear switchgear housing leaves the works heading for a third UK Bio-mass power station site in the midlands. The unit was designed to be raised off the floor with heavy duty steel gantry.

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