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Article Date: 3rd February 2020

C&B Systems Schäfer WC-Locking Device INSAFE

C&B INSAFE Locking Device Image

Relaxed on the safe side! Who doesn´t know this? Sitting on the toilet feeling undisturbed when suddenly the door opens…

The problem

Until now cubicle handles just show from the outside if the cubicle is occupied, but not from the inside so visitors cannot be quite sure if they have really locked the door.

The solution

INSAFE is the first WC-locking device that shows the free or occupied situation also inside the cubicle!

Everything under control with INSAFE

• Innovative: The first cubicle handle which has a red-white viewing window on the inside therefore visitors can feel secure

• Clear: Large viewing window on the outside show users directly which cubicles are free

• Manageable: Easy to operate, even for children and the elderly

• Robust: Made of high-quality aluminium so the handle is extremely durable and robust

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