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Article Date: 4th February 2020

Piller Unveils New UPS Platform for Data Centres in the 2020s

Piller New UPS Platform Image

Piller’s latest UPS “building block” now provides up to 3.2MW of UPS in a single-entity, non-diesel solution.

Next-generation technology offers up to 98% efficiency, self-monitoring and zero maintenance downtime, centred around an all-new control platform four years in the developing.

The UB-V Series is a complete revamp of Piller’s UPS offering for data centres in the 2020s. A single-entity building block concept matches the IT string exactly, providing operators a real alternative to increasingly sprawling multiple static UPS solutions.

At the core of Piller’s latest offering is the fifth generation of the company’s highly reliable stalwart, UNIBLOCK™ - proven conclusively to be the most reliable UPS technology available - but now with an entirely new control platform and other features that the company says offers up to 98% efficiency, introduces self-monitoring and can totally eliminate intrusive maintenance downtime in a typical data centre.

Ride through for minor outages and voltage fluctuation is provided by either electrically coupled dynamic energy storage, or by batteries - the greener solution being dynamic ride through. Standby gen-sets, in case of catastrophic power failure, are remotely located.

Extending Piller’s product power range is the UB-V 3000 frame size, taking their single-entity UPS offering up to 3.2MW. The company plans to offer 5.0MW “single-entity” medium voltage solutions by 2025 and up to 10.0MW by the end of the decade in a collaboration with Italian motor and generator producer, Marelli Motori.

As data centres become ever larger, power consumption, environmental impact and uptime are moving increasingly centre stage and Piller has addressed this with its next generation offering. Moreover, as IT strings of circa 3.0MW are set to become increasingly more commonplace, Piller has expanded its upper power range with the UB-V Series models to offer single-entity UPS solutions from 2.7MW to 3.2MW - an elegant alternative to burgeoning multiple banks of static UPS.

Andrew Dyke, Managing Director of Global Business, states: “The bigger data centres become, the more challenging it is to optimise their build with whole life expense, environment, simplicity and uptime simultaneously under control. The Piller UB-V Series single-entity UPS reliably conditions high power using very high efficiencies alongside a highly competitive footprint and cost of ownership.”

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