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Article Date: 4th February 2020

TROX UK Presents the FKA2-EU Fire Damper: Maximum Flexibility, Optimum Safety

TROX FKA2-EU Fire Damper Image

The FKS-EU and FKA-EU fire dampers have been providing safety in buildings for many years. TROX now presents the successor of these successful dampers, the FKA2-EU. The new model impresses thanks to a whole range of new developments and possibilities. First and foremost, dimensions can be freely selected. This means that the customer can freely configure the fire damper down to the millimetre.

The FKA2-EU is therefore suitable for every conceivable installation situation. Despite the individual design of each damper, delivery times have been reduced thanks to a highly automated production process.

Another innovation is the flat internal surface with minimum flow resistance. This reduces operating costs and increases the hygiene characteristics. Handling and assembly have also been simplified. The FKA2-EU is lighter than its predecessors and can now be retrofitted from the outside.

And naturally the fire damper can be easily integrated into the building automation.


• Can be dimensioned to the exact millimetre

• Suitable for all applications

• Reduction of energy costs thanks to improved values, e.g. the 10% larger free cross section reduces the pressure loss by 24%

• Dry mortarless installation kit can be assembled on site

• Simple retrofit possible from the outside

• Reduced weight simplifies assembly

• More precise manufacture thanks to automated production and standardised casing

• Simplified cleaning and reduced pressure loss thanks to smooth casing internal surfaces

• Two-way inspection accesses

• Can be combined with TROXNETCOM AS-i

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