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Article Date: 11th February 2021

Complete Stair Systems Spiral Staircases

Complete Stair Spiral Staircases

Complete Stair Systems have an unrivalled selection of spiral staircases for domestic and commercial applications across the UK. These range from basic DIY kit spirals systems to more custom-made models with glass and stainless steel, all in a variety of heights and diameters. We have been supplying new builds and refurbishments with ‘focal point’ access solutions across the UK and Ireland since 2005.

Spiral staircases have been used in construction for over 3000 years. The initial concept of a spiral staircase was one of safety and defence and were commonly used in the Middle Ages in castles and forts. Their twisting nature put attacking armies at a disadvantage by not being able to flood the building with soldiers. They were built in a clockwise assent so a right-handed, sword wielding intruder would struggle with the centre column whilst a solider defending the castle would have more room to manoeuvre. These early spiral staircases would also have uneven steps both in height and depth, again to outwit unwanted intruders.

In more recent times spiral stairs and helical stairs are associated with elegance, style and ergonomic design. Being an architectural centre piece, they are in many of the world’s most iconic buildings and remain a very space saving solution when accessing an upper level.

We have divided our range into 6 different models / categories, each with its own characteristics, different diameters, and material choices. To work out a price for any of our spiral staircases we need to know a floor-to-floor height and diameter along with the model of choice and an idea of materials you would like to use.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a 100% precise height or are unsure about the diameter or indeed have still to make up your mind about the materials – each spiral is priced per step and we can give different treads or balustrade options within the price. It is all very easy!

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