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Article Date: 15th February 2021

Munters Collaborates with CTT to Design More Efficient Humidifiers that Create the Perfect Climate Conditions Inside Aircraft

Munters collaborates with CTT

Munters Group AB, a global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate, has teamed up with CTT Systems AB (CTT), the market leader of aircraft humidity control system, to develop a new type of evaporative media that aims to improve efficiency and performance of CTT’s aircraft humidifiers.

Significantly higher humidity is a requirement to create optimal work and flying conditions for air crew and their passengers.

Today, dry air inside airplanes can contribute to fatigue, jetlag, red eyes, dry skin and spread of viruses. With CTT’s humidification system these problems can be reduced. Flight crew can benefit from better work environment, while passengers on long-haul flights can experience better sleep and journey overall.

“We look forward to developing a better evaporative media together that can further improve the humidifier performance in an aircraft,” says Daniel Unge, Global Director Marketing & Product Management at Munters. “The result of this cooperation will not only help the aviation business meet stringent health and safety requirements. It will also benefit other industries that have the same tough requirements in terms of indoor air quality, cooling and humidity.”

“CTT has a long-standing relation with Munters and we are pleased to strengthen our partnership with this joint development project that opts to improve performance and reliability of the current pad material,” says Torbjörn Johansson CEO at CTT Systems.

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