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Article Date: 1st February 2021

Selectaglaze - Rock-A-Bye Baby with Secondary Glazing, When the Wind Blows You Won’t Feel a Thing

Selectaglaze rock a bye baby

The Chowdhurys moved to North London in 2015 and gutted their semi-detached property, which was in a state of great disrepair, having been left in a bad way by previous occupants.

The single glazed patio doors were a little flimsy, but the slight draughts and noise from outside did not affect them enough to warrant replacing them during the refurb. Their lives changed in Autumn 2019 with the birth of their baby boy and they had to consider replacing their patio doors, or to come up with another solution.

It was obvious that the living room was colder than other areas of the house because of the patio doors, which had not been replaced since the early 70s. The draughts were also causing parts of the wooden flooring to feel cold – not an ideal environment for a newborn. There was a radiator installed by the single glazed doors during the refurb in 2015, but this could not neutralise the cold from outside. Furthermore, New Barnet railway station was close the couple’s property, so they were now more concerned about the levels of noise from the passing trains.

Having looked at all the options to improve thermal insulation, it turned out that installing secondary glazing to the patio doors would be a more cost-effective solution, as opposed to installing double-glazed units to the 2m x 2m reveal. It was important to the family that the treatment would be as unobtrusive as possible and matched the sightlines of the current single glazed doors.

A Series 10 two pane horizontal sliding unit was cited as the best option and was subsequently installed. This unit is a versatile secondary glazing treatment that allows easy access to the outer window and can be used to treat sliding patio doors. By fitting an independent glazing system, heat loss can be reduced by up to 60%. The high-performance brush seals ensure draughts are eliminated, thus encouraging better comfort near a window. Prior to the units being installed, timber grounds were fixed into the reveal, which had skirting boards. The installation team scribed into the timber frame to create matching grooves to fit snug in the reveal and over the skirting. This ensured a thoroughly airtight finish.

The Series 10 was set 100mm apart from the doors and therefore achieved an effective acoustic reduction of over 40dB. In addition, from a security perspective, the inclusion of secondary glazing to a set of patio doors provides a second barrier to entry. The Series 10 included 6.4mm laminated glass which increased noise reduction as well as offering added strength and security to the unit.

The clients are delighted with the great look and performance of their new secondary unit and have benefited greatly from the warmer and quieter living room environment, which has negated any anxieties they had over the comfort of their baby.

“I am so impressed by the look and performance of our secondary glazing and it has done wonders to our living room. The whole point of getting our doors treated was to improve thermal and noise insulation for the benefit of our baby and it has done that. The surveyors and installers were friendly and extremely professional, and we were appreciative of the quick turnaround time given the time of year. I highly recommend Selectaglaze to anyone looking for a great solution for draught or outside issues.” Monika Chowdhury

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