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Article Date: 9th January 2017

Advanced - Latest Projects during December 2016

Diesel Generator - Standby Power - Acoustic Container - Switchgear Housing

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Office Power

This Cummins 275kva diesel generator with its extended base fuel tank is being despatched to an office complex in Manchester to be used as standby power.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Waste Energy

Cummins 1400kva diesel generator was packaged into an Advanced designed & built acoustic container, fully tested at our works before being transported to site where it will power a waste recycling facility.

Advanced - Diesel Generator on Lorry

Export to Norway

This Cummins 110kva open diesel generator is being exported to Norway where it will provide standby power to a hotel. The set will be installed in an existing plant room replacing and an old Perkins unit.

Advanced - Enclosed Unit

Modular Building

This Modular switchgear housing designed & built by Advanced is being loaded and shipped out to a site near Lanark, where it will house the high voltage switchgear for a waste recycling plant.

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