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Article Date: 16th January 2019

ABB Power Quality - Limiting Transformer Outages with TXplore

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ABB Power Quality - Limiting Transformer Outages with TXplore

Transformers step voltages up or down as required for rail traction applications. As they are such critical assets, many transformers are designed and manufactured on a bespoke basis. They need periodic inspection, so as to make sure they are in good, working condition and, more importantly, to confirm that they are safe to use. This process normally takes three or more days for a large unit and requires a team of specialists.

ABB’s new TXplore service is designed to speed this process up and reduce outage times. An operator can guide the robot via a wireless link and capture images and video using multiple onboard cameras, lighting and a wireless data connection. As a result, technicians can review the transformer’s condition, including components such as bushings, leads, tap changer, core top, core support and insulation.

The robot is small at only 18 x 20 x 24 cm, which means that it can inspect hard to reach areas. It also has a wireless data link, so there is no risk of an umbilical becoming tangled in internal components. By comparison to traditional transformer inspections, the TXplore service only needs a team of two technicians to pilot the robot and manage the top-side equipment.

In order to verify the efficiency of the robot, ABB carried out its own TXplore robotic transformer inspection at its power transformer factory in St Louis, US as well as for an operational transformer at a critical substation that serves an ABB high-voltage test facility.

The TXplore robot was launched to the market at the Hanover Trade Fair in April 2018, with the first commercial inspections in May 2018.

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