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Article Date: 6th January 2020

DMS is Proud to be the UK Channel Partner for Honeywell Bryan Donkin Gas Technologies Ltd

DMS Partner Honeywell Bryan Donkin Image

The gas industry has quickly identified the advantages of specifying Bryan Donkin as their standard for gas control equipment, guaranteeing long-lasting reliability, quality, and service.

The comprehensive product line includes gas pressure regulators, filters, safety cut-off valves, relief valves, non-return valves, ancillary control equipment, and product spares.

Gas pressure regulators are available in a wide variety of sizes and versions to suit pressures up to 100 Barg. These range from low-pressure domestic service regulators, industrial/commercial regulators, to distribution and gas transmission regulators. Several of the regulator types have the option of an integral safety cut-off device and/or inbuilt relief valve, with most having the facility for quick and easy maintenance by use of cartridge type construction, allowing the main regulator to remain in the gas line.

Safety is a critical aspect of gas control systems, the Bryan Donkin range of safety devices – comprising slam shut security valves, non-return valves, overpressure relief valves, and stream selection valves have been designed to ensure safe operation of gas systems. Regulator maintenance is essential to ensure the safe and accurate operation of equipment. Where continuity of supply must be guaranteed, we would recommend a frequent maintenance policy be considered. Our technical support team will be pleased to assist with your specific requirements.

At DMS Ltd, we are driven by policies to consistently deliver a first-class customer experience in all aspects of the business. Our Technical Specialists with their vast expertise would welcome the opportunity to assist in the selection of suitable gas control solutions.

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