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Article Date: 20th January 2020

SSQ - Finally, a RIBA Approved CPD WITHOUT the Coma!

SSQ CPD Without the Coma Image

Many core curriculum CPDs are so dull they’re coma-inducing. They make a December site visit in torrential rain sound like an eternally appealing way to spend your lunch break.

Here’s what we don’t get – architecture isn’t boring, slate isn’t boring, so why should the CPD be boring? It shouldn’t! And we’re here to make sure that it’s not… You might call SSQ the saviours of the CPD.

The prevalence of boring CPDs is astounding when you consider the subject matter:

Architecture – the richest craft in the world, the intricate meeting of art and science, where visions and dreams are born into reality.

Slate – a physical wonder formed over hundreds of millions of years, that only exists because the earth literally moved as mud and volcanic ash slowly metamorphosed into slate, beautifully cleaved and ready to be hand split.

How someone can take these two innately fascinating and awe-inspiring subjects and then produce a coma inducing CPD presentation that reduces a room of intelligent, enquiring architects to a sea of glassy eyes is beyond us! Thankfully our slate experts don’t possess that coma-inducing skill so the CPD you’ll experience will be just as captivating as natural slate architecture is.

I hope that’s ok with you?

It usually is…

If the sandwiches were the best thing about the last CPD you attended, book an SSQ CPD. Don’t get me wrong, the sandwiches will be great, but the content will capture your imagination in a way you never thought possible.

Book a RIBA approved, core curriculum CPD now using the email option below:

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