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Article Date: 20th January 2020

Trend Training Academy: CPD Courses

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Trend offers a range of 'Continuing Professiona​l/Personal Development' (CPD) courses, all of which are externally certified by CPD UK. These courses range from introductory​ level to advanced and can either be provided on an individual ​b​asis or for a ​group​ of colleagues at their own premises.

Supporting documentation is provided, and every attendee receives a CPD Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

BEMS Systems Simplified - An introductory look at the world of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). This will explain the jargon and expose the myths - leaving you in a better position to understand and to translate your requirements into a system that will fulfil your criteria.

Building on your BEMS - The BEMS industry is evolving and converging with the IT world on technologies and networks. This presentation explains the various local and wide area networks commonly used for BEMS communications.

Complete control with BEMS - This presentation explains how BEMS controls can provide the solution for any number of specific customer requirements - from standard HVAC plant to much wider applications such as lighting.

Take back control - As much as 84% of your building's energy consumption could be under the control of a BEMS. But are you in control of it? This seminar explains how changes to the usage of a building over time can significantly affect the energy consumed and demonstrates how to take back control and to achieve sustainable energy savings going forward.

Building Regulations, Standards, Legislation and BEMS - This seminar provides an entry level overview of the regulations, standards and legislation affecting the UK building industry, and outlines how your BEMS can help towards requirements and compliance.

Integrated Building Management - This seminar will show you how to take control of your building portfolio by developing a coherent centrally managed estate strategy and in turn exploit the inherent capabilities of your Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

Sustainable high-quality patient care environments - This seminar aims to educate and drive behavioural change of BEMS designers and operators in order to utilise the BEMS fully to achieve sustainable, efficient, high quality patient care environments.

For more information about the CPD courses, or to book a course, please use the email option below:

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