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Article Date: 5th July 2018

Power Capacitors - Retro-Fitted Harmonic Reduction Solutions - Detuning Reactors

Harmonic Reduction Solutions - Detuning Reactors - Power Factor Correction

Power Capacitors - Detuning Reactors

Things change over time, including the demands on your electricity supply. If you have Non-Detuned Power Factor Correction equipment installed but are now suffering the effects of harmonic and power quality issues โ€“ Power Capacitors Ltd. can retro-fit our high quality Harmonic Reduction Solutions into your existing system.

In addition to solving the immediate effects of the power quality issues, this also increases both the reliability and the lifetime of the unit as well as leading to savings across the board on maintenance and repair costs.

Regardless of the age, condition or size of your current Power Factor Correction installation, Power Capacitors Ltd. will be more than happy to offer our decades of experience to identify the best solution for your particular installation.

Treat your supply โ€“ it’ll thank you for it!

To discuss having your Power Factor Correction detuned, or for any related questions please get in touch by using the email option below:

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