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Article Date: 24th July 2019

Armstrong Fluid Technology - Upcoming Armstrong Webinar - 6th August 2019

Armstrong Webinar - Pump Cavitation - Pumping Technology - Pump Technology

Armstrong Webinar

Our most recent webinar, Pump Cavitation, had a number of attendees who asked very insightful questions.

The next webinar, on 6th August will focus on the most Recent Advances in Pumping Technology that Delivers Maximum Efficiency and Cost Savings. Be sure to register even if you can’t attend and we will email you the recording.

Hope to see you at the next webinar!

Don’t forget to mark these dates and times in your calendar. We look forward to speaking with you. Travelling during the webinar? Join with your mobile device or register to receive the recording.


Recent Advances in Pumping Technology Delivers Maximum Efficiency and Cost Savings

Date: 6th August at 11 AM Eastern

Modern, intelligent pump technology offers the potential for savings in a range of functional areas beyond just energy. An informed buyer can capture that value by taking advantage of the choices available. Here’s just a few of the recent advances in pump technology that delivers savings beyond just energy:

  • Improved components and design
  • Built in Parallel Sensorless pump controls
  • Embedded connectivity with diagnostic insights

Click here to register.

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