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Article Date: 2nd July 2019

DMS - The Dresser Micro Convertor 2

Micro Converter 2 - Volume Converter - Measurement Instruments Directive

DMS - The Dresser Micro Convertor 2

The MC2-197 PTZ (Micro converter 2) is the newly updated volume converter from Dresser, meeting all the necessary EU directives including ATEX, MID and EMC, and is fully CE badged – suitable for fiscal use within the UK and other EU countries. This volume converter can be used with any meter that provides an LF pulse output.

Battery life – as per the previous Micro converter the battery life typically lasts 7 years, the battery can be changed on site within a couple of minutes without loss of operation during the exchange due to the on board capacitators – another point to remember is that you don’t have to re-set up the device after the battery has been replaced.

An alloy housing provides protection from breaks or cracks if accidentally knocked or dropped – a proven robust design. It uses the same familiar and easy to use MCUT interface software for setup as previous models, albeit an updated version with additional security, as is required for the MID. (Anyone who has installed and operated the previous MC2 will see little difference). The volume convertor will be tested by the manufacturer in the UK for accuracy performance in accordance with the MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) using the SGERG 3 method for compressibility, and gas constituent values calculated from published “Bacton mean” figures. A test certificate will be supplied. Compressibility methods and gas parameter values are fully configurable by the installer. As per the previous MC2, telemetry pulse output connections for converted(Vb) and unconverted(V) volume to connect to your BMS or AMR system are available and configurable.

Finally, the Micro converter 2 is fully configurable with vast logging capability and memory. Over 32,000 records can be stored!

If you would like to find out more information about the Dresser Micro converter 2, please give our technical team a call, they will be happy to go over any details and pricing.

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