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Article Date: 27th July 2021

Munters Clean Technologies

Munters clean technologies

Meet the new part of Munters - Clean Technologies. Featuring mist elimination systems that help anywhere liquids and gasses need to be separated, mass transfer technology that separates chemical components and facilitates liquid extraction, and VOC abatement, which removes polluting solvents from the air. Munters Clean Technologies enhance process productivity while lowering emissions and reducing carbon footprint. Technologies that help create a healthier planet.

Munters mist eliminators help anywhere liquids and gasses need to be separated. Power plants, marine, steel and further process industries all benefit from Munters industry-leading expertise. Munters Mist Elimination enhances process productivity, lowers emissions and helps reduce the environmental footprint of our customers.

Munters mass transfers your problems into solutions. Used for fractionation, absorption and extraction in process industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, chemical, fertilizer and pharmaceutical, Munters Mass Transfer products optimize pressure drop vs output, using the least amount of energy possible.

Volatile Organic Compounds come from industrial chemicals, solvents, alcohols and petroleum products such as gasoline. They combine with sunlight to form atmospheric ozone or smog. Munters rotor concentrators and VOC systems help remove these pollutants from the air. Reliable, cost-saving and energy-efficient, Munters VOC abatement solutions save money and energy, and help create a healthier planet.

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